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Month: January 2019

Cycling cap under helmet when cycling

The cool cycling caps has so much history. When the helmet started to be used the cap got a less important place in a cyclists accessories but it is changing again. The reason for that is clear. It is practical. It brings the history, pain and pride of being a cyclist. We get a’lot of the […]

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Unique cycling caps

Custom made cycling caps

Are you in need of custom cycling caps for your team or club? Are you member of a larger group of friends who want to have the same cap? Or are you a member of the coolest cycling club on earth and want to have a modern or classic custom made cycling caps matching the team […]

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Campione designed cycling cap

Can you wash cycling caps?

How to wash cycling caps – not as hard as you might think Riding or running like a maniac, pushing yourself to follow or catch up the group, or even better, to lead the group, and you are sweating hard. With the cycling cap you avoid the sweat roll onto your glasses or even worse […]

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