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Cycling caps – The ultimate accessory

We are cyclists and love cycling caps. The ultimate accessory on and off the bike. Love them.

The cycling caps keep you warm, keep the rain off your face, the sweat from your eyes and we’re pretty sure it make you go faster too. Ok, maybe not faster but it´s absolutely the icing on the cake. Being practical and making you look good on and off the bike. Highlighting who you are and what you want to express.

The cap is comfortable under the helmet, and can easily be stuffed into a jersey pocket when not needed. The cycling cap has been worn by the Greatest Great of our sport with a transcendent sense of cool. It brings back memories of the hard men and women of our sport.

Women and men are enjoying our cycling caps day out and day in, on long cycling trips or at the local café drinking cappuccino and eating a cake. Even if you are not a cyclist it´s the perfect accessory.

We strive to create cycling caps that makes you stand out from the crowd, at the same time as they are practical in all aspects.

Welcome to be part of the the great feeling of the tough sport, welcome to be part of Molto Cycling.

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Happy biking - Ride safe, have fun, love cycling

Cycling cap Easy to use