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New cycling event select Molto Team Cycling cap

Smugglers Path is a new exciting cycling race in Belgium outside the classic road cycling focusing on gravel instead. Designed, planned and executed by passionated cyclist in the heart of tough cycling –  Belgium. Smugglers Path put a’lot of effort into the experience of the race. Planning the roads, events around the event and a […]

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Cycling cap under helmet when cycling

The cool cycling caps has so much history. When the helmet started to be used the cap got a less important place in a cyclists accessories but it is changing again. The reason for that is clear. It is practical. It brings the history, pain and pride of being a cyclist. We get a’lot of the […]

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Unique cycling caps

Custom made cycling caps

Are you in need of custom cycling caps for your team or club? Are you member of a larger group of friends who want to have the same cap? Or are you a member of the coolest cycling club on earth and want to have a modern or classic custom made cycling caps matching the team […]

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Campione designed cycling cap

Can you wash cycling caps?

How to wash cycling caps – not as hard as you might think Riding or running like a maniac, pushing yourself to follow or catch up the group, or even better, to lead the group, and you are sweating hard. With the cycling cap you avoid the sweat roll onto your glasses or even worse […]

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Christmas Gift Cycling

Buying a Christmas can always be tricky. And a Christmas gift to a cyclist can be even more tricky – especially when it looks like they to have one of everything that could possibly go on a bike or rider. The alternatives might be many. At the same time the more costly stuff might already […]

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Red cycling hat

Special discount on all red cycling hat / caps

We give you 10% discount and free shipping on all our red cycling caps in stock. Same high quality as always. Red Cycling Hats: Your find many models in our shop. Designed to fit your style and expression. Find them all in our shop. With special features and we honestly think they are the best cycling […]

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Forza cycling cap

Sweat in the eyes when training – really frustrating

Riding or running like a maniac, pushing yourself to follow or catch up the group, or even better, to lead the group, and then it happens. Your are sweating hard, and the sweat roll onto your glasses or even worse – you get the sweat in the eyes. Your eyes are burning like hell, you […]

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red cycling cap

New red cycling caps / bike caps in store

New red cycling caps has landed in the shop and available for you. We are proud to announce that we no have the dark red cycling caps (red as a good Bourgogne wine)  in the shop again. Produced with the same love as always and the bike caps have the same features as all our […]

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Unique cycling caps

Vuelta a Espana – cykelkepsar bra pris

Vuelta a Espana börjar idag och vi firar det! Få 10% rabatt på alla våra cykelkepsar och gratis leverans. ENDAST idag och imorgon. Cykelkepsar i många olika färger. Du hittar röda cykelkepsar, vita kepsar, svart/vit, rosa och en för dig som är King of the Mountain. Vi uppdaterar vårt sortiment regelbundet och du hittar alltid […]

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Vuelta a Espana - Unique cycling caps

Vuelta a Espana – cycling cap best price

Cycling Cap Best Price: Vuelta a Espana starts today and we celebrate it! Get 10% discount on all our cycling caps and free delivery. ONLY today and tomorrow. Cycling caps in many different colors. You have red cycling caps, white caps, black/white, pink and even for you who are King of the Mountain in orange […]

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