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We all know it. No gain without pain. You have to challenge your self to become better if that is the goal. You have to climb the steepest hills and make the most intensive intervalls. That is why we created the red NPNG - No Pain No Gain cycling cap. A bike cap that let your friends know it.

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The white and orange King of the Mountain bike cap is a popular cycling cap showing your ambitions or what you actually have achieve already. A bike cap that challenge your friends or a perfect gift.

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Take the lead as the star of the group or as the guide of the day. Challenge your friends with the white and blue Follow me cycling cap. Make them know from the beginning who will be the leader of the day. The blue line is our flirt to the history of traditional bike caps. Do it, make them follow you.

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Unique sweatband

We know cycling and we know the pain of getting sweat in our eyes. We have incorporated a unique sweatband in hour cycling caps helping you to avoid sweat in your eyes. Improving safety and comfort.

High quality cotton

Our caps are sawn in Europe on selected high quality 100% cotton.

High quality print

The designs on our bike caps are digitally printed onto 100% cotton and when hand washed they last for a long time. The more they are used and handled in a good way the more the miles/km you have been riding is seen in the cap when it just getting the cool used look.

One size fits most

Our cap have the size fitting most people. If it is a little tight, make it wet and wear it during some of your rides and it will stretch and fit you perfectly.

Peak in sustainable material

The peak internal material is not paper as in many cycling caps but in a much more sustainable material. Wear again and again, and wash it in between and it will be the same.

Made with love

We love cycling. We mirror this in our caps. From the design to the production we put our love into you the cap and in to ours and yours cycling. We just love doing what we do.


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