Best cycling caps 2018

Best cycling caps 2018

We have many different cycling caps that we think can be considered to be the best cycling caps 2018. In this article let's focus on the black and white caps that make you special and to stand out of the crowd.

The B&W best cycling caps 2018 with cool texts fits all cycling apparel and have already found cyclists in many places of our world. Requested by many. We strive to create unique cycling caps. Perfect to use under your helmet, at the rest or before/after the race. 100% cotton in 4 or 3 panels with incorporated sweat band. We love them, so do our cycling friends. You find some of the feed back we have got under the section Testimonials.

Here we high-light our top favorites in black and white. You hopefully find your best cycling caps 2018 favorite among those or among any of the other we have in our gallery.


One of our most popular cycling caps. The black and white design fits perfect to your cycling apparel. Perfect for cyclists on the road or for the MTB cyclist. Perfect under the helmet or when having a rest. Great when meeting up starting the ride of the day!

View the cap in 360 degree


Unique black & white cycling cap, Jolly Roger symbol celebrating the Pirate, Marco Pantani. Designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Comfortable with pirate symbol.

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Cool Watch Out black and white cycling cap in traditional 4 panels. The text Watch out on the cap peak visible when you wish. On the back of the cap stating that you are fanatic about cycling. Making you stand out from the crowd with a unique cap and message.

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All the caps are one size fits most cycling caps with an incorporated sweat band.

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