Cool cycling caps

The legend of cycling - your cycling cap

For me and many others being a cyclist having cool cycling caps is a must. The small piece of headgear that has been seen on the classic photos, the black & white photo with a cyclist who fights the elements of the nature, the colored photo from the 80:s on the bunch of riders climbing up mount Ventoux and the guy on the winning podium.

The cool cycling caps has so much history. In recent years it unfortunately has been replaced by the baseball cap in some professional teams but we can aslo see that it has had a revival and being used not used by fanatic road cyclists but also by cool guys riding a fixie in central New York, Amsterdam or London. A small piece of fabric on your head that gives you the cool look and adding the feeling of history and grace.The cycling cap has a long history full of stars, challenges and disappointed cyclists. 

So how should cool cycling caps look like? The classical cycling cap is made of four panels and a small peak that gives you the perfect shelter against both sun and rain. To modernize the look we also find cycling caps in three panel design, still having the small practical peak. Easy to fold and to put in the pocket of your jersey when not needed (if that might be the case).

During the years the cap has become not just a practical cycling gear or a team identification. Companies early realized the caps strength in marketing and it became a perfect place to put the company logo. On tough riders fighting their way through the French, Italian och Spanish country side (and many other places of course) they got the publicity they wanted on national TV to millions of people. 

When the helmet started to be used the cap got a less important place in a cyclists accessories but it is changing again. The reason for that is clear. It is practical. It brings the history, pain and pride of being a cyclist.

The cycling cap is cycling and for me the cycling history is inwrought in the cap I have on my head.

Time to hit the road - feeling the wings of history. 

The corporate cycling cap

The corporate cycling cap is made by a company to be handed out to the crowd and it´s customers to market them. Not the one I consider to be among the cool cycling caps but still, even if not as much, having the history of cycling included. Often made in quite basic fabrics, relatively cheap to manufacture and a strong focus on the company. Nice to have but not giving you the real feeling of being "part" of a team or the history.   

Corporate cycling cap

The team cycling cap

The team cycling cap on the other hand identify us with the athletes of today or the heroes of past times. Available in many colors and also in the new three panel design. We gladly market the companies supporting the team we love and even if we not prefer a specific team having a team cap it is giving us the feeling of being part or at least close to the team. Especially as for me when visiting the Trek team in 2017 and getting a couple of their caps. 

Team cycling cap

Standing out from the crowd cap

Then we have what I call the standing out from the cap. The cool cycling caps designed by cyclists for cyclists. It is not the cap advertising a specific company or team, it's the cap that is defining you, supporting your style and make you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes with a word or a statement challenging your friends or provoking them, both knowing it is for fun, making the ride ahead even more fun and worth remembering.


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