Cycling cap or bike cap

Cycling caps - more than hats

Cycling caps are more than just hats.

Things we love, are interested in or that is important to us often has many names. For example it is said that the Eskimo people have more than 50 words for snow. Not surprising when we think about what is important for them. It is the same with our beloved cycling cap or as some people like to call them, bike caps or cycling hats.

Looking at the searches on internet we can see that Cycling cap is the most common but that is not just that. The use of Bike cap, Cycling hat, Biker hat and Bicycle hat is also common.

The cycling cap, as we use to call them, has a long history. From the time when we did not have the cycling helmet until today when it is a great accessory protecting us from both heat and cold. CYCLING CAP CYCLING HAT Read about the different types of cycling caps here. If you prefer you can read about the history of the caps here

Cycling cap in singular or plural is mostly used. On this you have more than 80 000 searches on the net.

For bike cap it´s about 16 000 searches.
Cycling hat 10 000 searches.
Biker hat 8 000 searches.
Bicycle hat 2 500 searches

What ever you call them we love it. We love them all, because we love wearing them and making you stand out from the crowed.

Happy biking.



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