How to wear a cycling cap

How to wear a cycling cap?

How to wear a cycling cap is a question asked by many of us. Even if the cycling cap has a long history the ideas on how to wear it are as many as cyclists on the road.

The discussions about how wear a cycling cap is something many of us is thinking about. 

For us cyclists, the cycling cap is our crown. The cap creates the unique look and is important to protect us from sun, rain or cold. Not forgetting making us looking great at the break of the day in or outside the café sipping coffee bragging about all our nice rides and funny experiences.

How to wear the cycling cap you ask your self? Shall the peak be raised up or being dow? We say both, what is your opinion? Wearing it under the helmet, having the peak in the front or backwards is up to you.

Today you have the traditional 4 panel cap or slightly more modern 3 panel cap. But both with the cool small peak with a nice or "provoking" message to your fellow riders. 

We have found two YouTube films about how to wear a cycling cap.

And as we have said. There are as many opinions as riders. Wear the heritage of cycling and stand out from the crowd. 

Bike safe, have fun and enjoy.

A cap in slightly more modern 3 panel design with Forza on the peak.
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