King of the Mountain cycling cap

King Of the Mountain cycling cap

"King of the Mountain">>, is not just a song by Kate Bush. For us cyclists its the real proof on you as a cyclist. For many of us it´s the peek of our cycling career and something to prove with a King of the mountain cycling cap>>.

Getting home from a ride, and see that you are having the King of the mountain, KOM, on that segment is a indescribable feeling. If not before, you finally get the respect you deserve as a cyclist. A least among your cycling friends. You are ready to wear a King of the mountain cycling cap.

With Strava>> the world of amateur cycling has changed a'lot. From cycling with your closest friends you suddenly can compare with all cyclists in the neighbourhood, you actually can compare and be friend with cyclists all over the world. Cyclists who have visited the roads and segments you have been riding so many times or when you are visiting other places in the cycling world you can connect via Strava or be the KOM (King of the mountain) on the segments there. 

See our King of the mountain cycling cap>>

Being the KOM on a segment, or several, make you a king in your cycling community and something to show off. We have decided to design the ultimate King of the Mountain (KOM) cycling cap. Get one for your self or buy one for your friend. Have the cycling cap under your helmet or show off when starting the ride for the day or when having a coffee break. We are sure it will be a success.

Tag your King of the Mountain cap pictures with #moltocycling and #moltocyclingKOM and we will find you and pin you on our Wall of Fame we will create here on our website. 

Ride safe - Have fund - Love cycling

See our King of the mountain cycling cap>>


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