The history of the cycling cap

The history of the cycling cap

A nice story about the history of the cycling cap

The history of the cycling cap is the history of an icon, expressing you as a cyclist - being the symbol for the efforts but also the social aspect of cycling. A nice cap under the helmet or when at a café sipping cappuccino. That is a vital part of cycling.

"We gather here today to pay our respects to one of the icons of our great sport, the cycling cap.  The perfect union of form and function and an excellent example of why the former follows the latter, and why together they are beautiful.  The brim is just long enough to shield the eyes from the elements, but is short enough to allow the rider to gaze up the road with head tilted in determination as steady drips of water fall from the apex of the brim and and tap out the rhythm of the stroke.  The cloth construction is comfortable under a helmet or hairnet, and allows it to be easily stuffed into a jersey pocket when not needed."

This is how Frank on Velominati starts his article about the history of the cycling cap.

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History of the cycling cap