The secret race by Tyler Hamilton

Not much cycling caps in this book but The Secret Race with Tyler Hamilton is a book that gives us the story of what most of us want to forget when we see Tour de France, the Giro or any of the other races.

An inside story from one of the cyclists of the nowadays infamous US Postal. It was the secret race all knew. 

In the Secret Race,Tyler Hamilton, one of the leading cyclists in US Postal, gives us a personal and real picture of cycling when doping probably was at its peak. How cyclists were included in the inner circle of "serious" dopers, how they became part of team-led doping programs and trips to doping doctors in Spain and other countries in private planes during the ongoing Tour. The fear of being revealed and at the same time having the feeling that there were no options if you wanted to belong to the top.

Hamilton describes personally and openly about cycling and doping's togetherness in those days. How involved the teams and eventually even the top organizers of cycling were. That the value of a cyclist like Lance Armstrong and others and the desire to have a clean sport was overshadowed by the will to be at the top at any cost. Even the cost of cycling.

The book has been an eye opener about the cyclist's woes, how it went, code words and how the cyclists themselves said they rode "Pan Aqua" - on bread and water - when they were not loaded with doping.

You get a great insight into the world of cycling. Hopefully back then and not today.

The book is very interesting to read. It gives us the insight of professional cycling (back then) but it does not take away the interest of cycling. At least not my interest. I strongly recommend you to read the book. 

Still, looking forward to cycling.
We are cycling Pan Aqua and with a well designed cycling cap! We hope you do the same.


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