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Christmas Gift Cycling

Buying a Christmas can always be tricky. And a Christmas gift to a cyclist can be even more tricky – especially when it looks like they to have one of everything that could possibly go on a bike or rider. The alternatives might be many. At the same time the more costly stuff might already be bought or the cyclist want to buy it he or herself.

What to buy as Christmas gift to a cyclist when you are supporting and liking what they do but still is not into the sport thing as much as you liked to or should need to be? The solutions is closer and easier thank you think. Especially when you want to give something that is unique for the cycling sport, that is practical and make your friend special and stand out from the crowd. We at Molto cycling know the solution and a cool cycling cap to use both on and off the bike is the way to got. You get a gift that is unique, no one else in the squad has the same, and you give the person something really special.

Practical and cool

The cycling caps keep the warmth, the rain off the face and on sunny days the sweat from the eyes. Being practical and making the cyclist look good and cool on and off the bike. Highlighting who the person is and want to express. It´s absolutely the icing on the cake.

The cap is comfortable under the helmet, and can easily be stuffed into a jersey pocket when not needed. Or on the café. The cycling cap has been worn by the greatest great of our sport with a transcendent sense of cool. It brings back memories of the hard men and women of our sport.

There are many different types of cycling caps as Christmas gift and you have to look at the shop to see them all but below you have some the examples for your beloved cyclist. The size fits most, so do not worry about that, it is easy to give something unique and special.

Go for it, make him or her be special and stand out from the crowd.

You have may different designs and messages to choose from. Free shipping and one size fits most make it easy for you.


Kaboom and off you go. In nice black and white graphic suiting most cycling apparels. Celebrate riding clean and a clean sport, Ride PanAqua as the pro said in the doping days of cycling. We promote the clean sport.

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