Cycling cap under helmet when cycling

The cool cycling caps has so much history. When the helmet started to be used the cap got a less important place in a cyclists accessories but it is changing again. The reason for that is clear. It is practical. It brings the history, pain and pride of being a cyclist. We get a'lot of the request about wearing the cycling cap under helmet. And of course that is how you have to and should wear it today, but before we look into it let us talk about the history of cycling caps.

A history with a'lot of tradition

Hats and cycling go back to the start of cycling and wearing cycling cap under a helmet. From the beginning it was not the cycling cap as we know it but still part of the history. The first cyclist to win a race, James Moore in 1868 had a natty stiff-brimmed hat.Victorian high wheelers wore pill-box hats with chin straps, and when the Tour de France started in 1903 racers wore cloth caps.

Then as now the special peak offered protection from sun and rain and was a first nod at a style that would stick. The first part was cloth caps and they prevailed until the outbreak of the First World War. After the war, the peloton was split when young riders preferred peaked school caps.

During the 1920s cycling changed style. As the decade progressed, distinctive team jerseys with sponsors’ names on them became universal. This was when the cotton casquette was born, often in colours to match the team kit.

In the 50s the sponsors wanted to have a prominent place to visualize their identity and logo on. Sponsors’ names started appearing on caps and the yellow cap was introduced in the Tour de France. It was optional, but could be worn by the members of the leading team so they stood out for spectators. The yellow helmet we see today in Tour de France is a heritage from this time. Yellow cap at that time, yellow helmet no - still and option with a strong history.

Finally there was the supporter’s cap, and their heyday was during the 1960s and ’70s. Fans of top riders could buy caps with their heroes’ names on them.

Despite todays presence of helmets the cycling cap remains a cycling style icon.

Wearing cycling cap under helmet

Can I have the cap under my helmet is a question we get from time to time. The simple answer is yes! Our caps are sitting tight to your head and a helmet can easily be worn. And i helps in many different aspects. Collecting sweat making you avoid having it in your eyes. the same with the sun and also with dirt.

The peak down look

The peak down look while riding is the most functional style. It will keep wind out of your eyes as well as bugs if you are riding into the evening. On rainy days you will avoid the rain and mud. Also, if you’re riding at night, it is a great way to keep the blinding headlights from the other direction out of your eyes.

The peak up look

cycling cap under helmet

With the peak-down style above, if you wear the cap too low or you’re head is tucked down to stay more aero, you are likely going to have a difficult time seeing the road ahead. When this happens, flipping the peak up will give you the sight you need while keeping the brim right there to flip back down when needed. This style can also be used when wearing a cap to keep your head warm. With the new caps having cool messages it has become a more common way, especially before the race and during the coffee break.

Backwards and peak down

You can also have the cap with the peak back-wards protecting you neck. Perfekt on sunny days protecting you neck from being red, hot and burned.




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