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Smugglers path - a new exciting race in Belgium

Smugglers Path is a new exciting cycling race in Belgium outside the classic road cycling focusing on gravel instead. Designed, planned and executed by passionated cyclist in the heart of tough cycling -  Belgium. Smugglers Path put a'lot of effort into the experience of the race. Planning the roads, events around the event and a nice goodiebag with team cycling cap for the participants.

Smugglers path

Smugglers Path is created by Erwin Vaesen and five friends who love riding gravel. The Smugglers Path started off as a bit of fun but they soon decided to share their riding patch with, like minded, gravel fans and to create a special event with a unique team cycling cap.

Smugglers Path race, located close to the Netherland border in the Town of Hamon Achel, crosses prime Belgian countryside taking in a mix of farmland and forests – perfect for gravel adventures.

Two distances

Are you the hard core cyclist and want to ride 150 km gravel or do you want to challenge you self on 80 km. Both alternatives are available for you.

Smugglers Path offers two routes: +/- 80 Km and +/- 150 Km

There will be 1 or 2 stops (depending on the distance you choose) so you can fill up bottles and grab a bite to eat in some really special places.

Finishers can relax with a cold beer and a real burger plus a goodiebag, including a specially designed cycling cap from Molto Cycling. For Smugglers it is important to offer both a challenge and nice adventure and at the same ensure that there’s a relaxing atmosphere at the end and a chance for everyone to share their memories of the day.

Event Info

Opening on the evening of Friday 24th May, participants will be welcomed to the event HQ in Witteberg.

At the ‘Smugglers Market’, there will be a´lot of good food and beers and our event partners will be present, along with a campfire to make sure we have a good vibe and a relaxing evening.

On Saturday morning we open up from 7:30 with coffee for all our Smugglers!

We start riding the Smugglers Path May 25 2019 at 9:00.

Read more on Smugglers homepage >>

Team cycling caps for cycling events or clubs

Team cycling cap

Molto Cycling create and design Team cycling caps for teams and events. We have even designed and produced cycling caps to companies who like the classic cap design understanding it make the unique and stand out from the crowd. Based on you need we design the cap in you unique colors, logo etc and make your team be special. The cap is perfect to avoid sweat in the eyes on warm days, keep you warm wearing it under your helmet or at the café sipping a coffee chatting with your team mates.

We are looking forward to discuss your needs with you and you can read more on our special page.


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