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Sweat in the eyes when training – really frustrating

Riding or running like a maniac, pushing yourself to follow or catch up the group, or even better, to lead the group, and then it happens. Your are sweating hard, and the sweat roll onto your glasses or even worse - you get the sweat in the eyes. Your eyes are burning like hell, you have to take your glasses off. It hurts, it has an negative impact on your performance and get you unfocused and the risks of accidents increases.

So why does sweat burn your eyes so badly during some workouts, but not with others?

Your sweat is composed of water, salt, and other minerals and it’s the salt that is the reason your eyes get irritated.

If you’re more hydrated, your sweat will have a lower salt concentration compared to the amount of water. Less salt in your sweat means less burning when it gets into your eyes.

So, if you’re dehydrated, even if it is just below you normal level, there will be a higher concentration of salt. If your sweat burns or not can be a good signal of dehydration.

So, what can you do to stop the burning sweat getting into your eys, we have tried several things and we will look at them below?

Gutter/head band or just use an old T-shirt

You can buy a gutter/head band on the market.There are many different models you can choose from. Rubber, cotton and others.

An alternativ but almost the same is to use an old T-shirt. You cut off the last part of the arm. You know that part that is a little bitt thicker. When you stretch the fabrics a little it fits good on your head. We have tried it. Works ok but...

The problem in our tests is that it can be little bit tricky to fit them under the helmet. Also, we are talking about cycling, and it looks not as we want it to be. Hard to place in the right way on the forehead, often visible and we have had the same problem in the neck. Works but...


Go to you closest shop where you buy your grocery. They most often has vaseline. You take the vaseline and put it on your eyebrows. It should make the sweat follow the brows and end up at the outside of your face. We have not made this work vary well but could be worth tryin in combination with the T-shirt trick.



White Cycling cap
White cycling cap with blue stripe and stars

Cycling cap

If you don´t wont to invest in a cycling cap go for the alternatives above. Test it to see if you are happy with it. We found the cycling caps to be the best solution. Not just because you have a sweatband incorporated in our caps. The fabric in total absorbs the sweat too. Less sweat in your eyes and improved safety. In addition you get so much more. The peak protecting you from rain and sun when needed. Even if it helps you when it is warm it is perfect when the weather is getting colder too. Contrary to what many believe it works very well to wear under the helmet. In addition you get something that makes you stand out from the rest of the gang and you could choose a message on the peak that challenge your friends a bit. In addition, you will love to wear it during the coffee break too. We do!


Buy a cycling cap or test the two alternatives above to avoid sweat in the eys. No matter what you do, avoid the pain from the sweat and the increased risk of accident.

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Love cycling, ride safe and have fun


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