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Molto cycling cap

Best cycling caps 2018

Best cycling caps 2018 We have many different cycling caps that we think can be considered to be the best cycling caps 2018. In this article let’s focus on the black and white caps that make you special and to stand out of the crowd. The B&W best cycling caps 2018 with cool texts fits […]

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Facts about Tour de France

Facts about Tour de France

10 facts about Tour de France you have to know Tour de France the biggest cycling race in the world. Lately dominated by Chris Froom (UK) but Tour de France has a much longer history. What do you know about it? Molto Cycling summerizes great facts about Tour de France you should know. The Tour de […]

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Cycling cap or bike cap

Things we love, are interested in or that is important to us often has many names. For example it is said that the Eskimo people have more than 50 words for snow. Not surprising when we think about what is important for them. It is the same with our beloved cycling cap or as some […]

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Unique cycling caps

How to wear a cycling cap

How to wear a cycling cap is a question asked by many of us. Even if the cycling cap has a long history the ideas on how to wear it are as many as cyclists on the road.

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The secret race by Tyler Hamilton

Not much cycling caps in this book but The Secret Race with Tyler Hamilton is a book that gives us the story of what most of us want to forget when we see Tour de France, the Giro or any of the other races. An inside story from one of the cyclists of the nowadays […]

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cool cycling caps

Cool cycling caps

For me and many others being a cyclist having cool cycling caps is a must. The small piece of headgear that has been seen on the classic photos, the black & white photo with a cyclist who fights the elements of the nature, the colored photo from the 80:s on the bunch of riders climbing […]

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King of the mountain cycling cap

King of the Mountain cycling cap

“King of the Mountain”>>, is not just a song by Kate Bush. For us cyclists its the real proof on you as a cyclist. For many of us it´s the peek of our cycling career and something to prove with a King of the mountain cycling cap>>. Getting home from a ride, and see that […]

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Buy in time to get cycling caps to Christmas

Buy now to get before Christmas Christmas is closing in. Save time for biking and order caps now to have in time. Order caps now: The perfect gift are cycling caps, to your self or to the best biking friend you have! #moltocycling #moltocyclingcap#cyclecap #cycling #cyclelove #cycleride#cyclingphotos #cycleshots #cyclingwear#cyclingcap #capsnothats #roadcycling#chapeau #casquettes The cycling caps keep you warm, keep the rain off your face, the sweat […]

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Team cycling caps

The history of the cycling cap

A nice story about the history of the cycling cap The history of the cycling cap is the history of an icon, expressing you as a cyclist – being the symbol for the efforts but also the social aspect of cycling. A nice cap under the helmet or when at a café sipping cappuccino. That is […]

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Cycling cap

Love cycling caps

Cycling and cycling caps is a passion I love cycling caps but I didn’t found the cycling cap I was looking for and decided to design them myself. This was the start of Molto Cycling. Specially designed cycling caps in both in the classical 4 panel and with the more later 3 panel cycling cap. […]

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